sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011

Tamera Summer University

Tamera is a place where hope in a new world and in a brigther future grows and takes shape. Tamera is building a new sustainability model. 
Peace investigation and technology applied to the basic human needs such as agriculture or energy make part of this community's commitment towards a new way of living.
During this year's Summer University a lot has been said about these issues and I have had the privilege of being there to experience all of that. So I post here one of this year's speeches, by Talita, a brazilian girl of only 18.

Trough my staiyng in Tamera I met a lot of people from all over the world and I would like to address some of them right now wherever they are.

Rita and Yan it was very nice meeting you both. I hope you have enjoyed the trip to Tamera in my old car :-)
Philip, I was absolutely amazed by your permaculture project and I wish you all the success you can get in your home country, Kenya.
João, thank you so much for the words of inspiration and for the beautiful conversations we had. Whenever you come to Lisbon give me a call.
Bata, getting to know the Barefoot College from India was amazing. I hope you can continue with the good work helping hundreds of people as you have been doing so far. 
Jorge, thank you so much for pulling my car out of that hole :-) without your help I couldn't make it!
Majed, I can only wish that peace in Gaza and Palestine can be a reality soon enough, so that you can raise your child without war and fear.
Yasser,  it was very nice to meet you. You are a lovely person with the heart where it should be. You know exactly where you want to go and you are right. Don't mind of what others may think about you. 
I hope that the crisis in Egypt can soon be over and peace restored in Cairo and wish that your people can achieve a new democratic system with the elections soon to take place.

Thank you all for the days we have shared in Tamera and please be happy as much as possible. I am glad I met you all.

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